Sunday, July 11, 2010

Canada Trip

Well I just got back from our family vacation in Canada!!! HOOYAH!!!

This is up at Parker Idaho on our way up north, what do you think of my new haircut? :), Just putting flowers on the graves and excited for our trip and to see family!

This was our first day and we decided to go to Waterton National Park (which for you Americans, thats the Canadian side of Glacier National Park) and we saw 3-4 bears, pretty cool, we were told they are pretty frequently seen this summer!!!

This is at the Cameron Lake, which is very beautiful, and is manditory if you are going to Waterton!!! This summer they have had quite a bit of rain so it was pretty high this year so we couldn't walk along the edge of it, like we usually can. But it is always good to see!

Here is my mom, Aunt LaRee, and Me of course looking over this bridge at the lake, about to do a little hike!!! Fun stuff!

Along our little hike, we saw this deer eating and looking at us as well, the boys loved it ( my brother Spencer, Justice and Mason -my two adorable cousins!

Here is my wee brother walking along enjoying the hike, (which apparently he loves them) Don't worry there were pics of me along this hike just not on my camera, so once I get hold of the pictures from my Dad's camera I will put them on here, so be watchful!!!

Here we are in Vulcan, Canada, "Beam me up Scotty" (LOL) As you can see there is Spencer, Dad, Me, Mom, and Danny boy. We had such fun at this place, just like we do every tiime we come!!!! This was a fun day, we first headed to Vulcan, then to Nanton to see the Train Gardens, and the to Calgary to see Darin and Jeff, his wife Christy and their cute son Hunter!!! We even played a fun game in the park for a while with Jeff later that evening, which was a blast!!!! Fun day apart from the crazy mosquitos!!!! I think I had forgotten how crazy they can get!!!

Here is me and cute Maddie- isnt she the most adorable seven year old? We went to Waterton a second time, on our last day, spending it with cousins!!!

Here is Daniel, Me, Maddie, Justice, Mason, Spencer and my dad, and in the next pic will be all of us with my mom!!

Maddie and I  looking over the Cameron Falls, so beautiful!!! It was also such a great day!

My Mom and I overlooking the falls!!! 

My Dad and I overlooking the lake, I just loved being there, "magnifique"

Here is my mom and I on our way home from Canada, and taking the scenic route as you will see in the rest of the pictures.

In front of Old Chief