Saturday, January 31, 2009

Fun at Institute!!

I have always loved attending institute, but this semester, I feel it was so right for me to take the classes that I am taking now. I am taking Book of Mormon and Teachings of Joseph Smith, and I am really enjoy both. They are both night classes and are each an hour and an half. They are both pretty big as well, but the teachers are pretty amazing and inspired. This past week I have really come to love the Teachings of Joseph Smith, we talked about him as a person about his feelings toward his family. There was one thing I though that was interesting about him. There was a journal entry that was found not too long ago. It was found by a friend of my institute teacher, this journal entry basically said that Joseph Smith had built a tomb for him and his family, at the time his father and his two brothers had passed away. So it was in Kirtland( I think) Anyway and so a couple people went over there and they found one. They say it was big enough to house everyone of his family. I thought that was very intersting, and I had no idea about that, I think its a more recent thing about him though. But it was great to hear all these interesting facts about him that I had no idea. The church has taken on a project called the Jospeh Smith Papers. Its a pretty big project, its about 30 volumes-500 to 700 pages each, all information about Joseph Smith. There are so many things about the gospel that we can learn from and apply to our lives.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Importance of Goal Setting

Last sunday we had the most wonderful Sacrament Meeting, the spirit was so strong, and the topic was how vital it is that we set goals in our lives. Sometimes at the beginning of the year we set yearly goals and we attempt for a week or just a little more but we never accomplish it most time. Why is this? What keeps us from keeping our commitments to accomplish these goals. First we have to have the full desire in our minds and hearts to want to set that goal and accomplish that goal. Second we need to say a prayer to our Heavenly Father and ask him to help us to accomplish this goal, to be able to have his support and his love in this endeavor. Our goals also need to be specific. We also need to have a plan on how we are going accomplish the goal. We also need to have reminders where we most commonly are. Such as our mirror and fridges and desks. Our goals need to be sincere, from the heart and something that can be accomplished. They need to be within reach, to be righteous goals so that we may have God's help in accomplishing our goals. God's goal for us is to find Joy in our lives, as we set to accomplish this goal he has for us we will be blessed and feel his love.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Covenant People

On Saturday and Sunday I had the opportunity to go to stake conference and Elder Perry was there. On Saturday I was able to shake his hand and I was surprised at first how tall he was. My dad used to tell me that he is really tall, but I didn't realize how tall until I talked with him. In the Adult Session he talked about the Plan of happiness and about temples and how important it is to hold a recommend, even if you arent near a temple. That there are four priorities we need to have. 1st-our family 2nd- fathers preside and provide for the needs of the family. 3rd to serve in his kingdom and to do that we need to be fulfilling our callings to the best of our abilities. 4th to have time for ourselves- to study, to meditate, to plan and prepare, to see who we are and to progress in the way we should. To see where we stand with our Savior, Jesus Christ and with our Fathers Plan.
On Sunday he talked about how this is the information age, but we are short in testimonies of Christ that burn within us. There are four cornerstones: the first is that we have a personal witness of Jesus Christ. The Second Cornerstone is belief in Joseph Smith- that the windows of heaven were opened unto him and what a marvelous work and wonder that is. That we can rely on the messages found in the Doctrine and Covenants. The Third Cornerstone is the Book of Mormon. We can read and study it, He declared the Godhead, the priesthood restored on this earth, gave Joseph Smith powers from on high to decalre unto the world the restored and fulness of the gospel. He was guided by the holy spirit. Its another testament of Jesus Christ. Cintaing the fulness of the everlasting gospel. A new living witness of Jesus Christ and a guide on how we should live. The Fourth Cornerstone- the restoration of the Priesthood, all things are upheld and sustained, its the power of God. Its the perfect government on Earth. We have the privelage of prophets through the power of the priesthood. We have prophets to lead and guide us.
After conference was over, I had the opportunity to reflect on what I had heard. I am ever so grateful for the blessings that we have received.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Feeling the crisp air filtering through my hair,
I slowly close my eyes, shutting out God's beautiful masterpiece...
Supping in the moment, my mind flows down my arms.
How, with such blessed amazement surrounding me
can they remain empty, vacant of love's embrace?
Opening again, my eyes linger upon the winters' day end

and again, are amazed...
Amazed at the love shedding itself from heaven's canvas
painted and chilled by cloudy brushes.

Smelling the crisp air in motion, love's empty contrast
sets itself into my heart.
Weakened by years of effort in truth, silenced by emptiness.

I exhale.

Seeing crystals of my breath in the air
immediately brings vibrant colors...
shaping themselves into diamonds
set on a beautiful white dress.

Taken back, the pain comes vividly and catches itself
momentarily to a glorious goddess.
Dressed in diamond white she looks longingly,
almost painfully to the disappearing sunset.

Then, as quickly as she had come,
she fades as my breath dissipates to nothing.

Looking down, the snow becomes warm and fragrant...
Pillows of beauty beneath me - choking out the reality
and setting the perfect picture for
a dream come true.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Lights at Temple Square

I was able to have the opportunity to go with my amazing roommate to temple square with some of her family. I always love going there, especially at this time of year. Its so beautiful and amazing there. There are so many things to see, one of the things that I loved, was that there was so many different nativity scenes from different cultures, and I thought that was pretty cool! I had an amazing time and Sarah's family is really great and we had alot of fun!!