Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Feeling the crisp air filtering through my hair,
I slowly close my eyes, shutting out God's beautiful masterpiece...
Supping in the moment, my mind flows down my arms.
How, with such blessed amazement surrounding me
can they remain empty, vacant of love's embrace?
Opening again, my eyes linger upon the winters' day end

and again, are amazed...
Amazed at the love shedding itself from heaven's canvas
painted and chilled by cloudy brushes.

Smelling the crisp air in motion, love's empty contrast
sets itself into my heart.
Weakened by years of effort in truth, silenced by emptiness.

I exhale.

Seeing crystals of my breath in the air
immediately brings vibrant colors...
shaping themselves into diamonds
set on a beautiful white dress.

Taken back, the pain comes vividly and catches itself
momentarily to a glorious goddess.
Dressed in diamond white she looks longingly,
almost painfully to the disappearing sunset.

Then, as quickly as she had come,
she fades as my breath dissipates to nothing.

Looking down, the snow becomes warm and fragrant...
Pillows of beauty beneath me - choking out the reality
and setting the perfect picture for
a dream come true.

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