Saturday, January 31, 2009

Fun at Institute!!

I have always loved attending institute, but this semester, I feel it was so right for me to take the classes that I am taking now. I am taking Book of Mormon and Teachings of Joseph Smith, and I am really enjoy both. They are both night classes and are each an hour and an half. They are both pretty big as well, but the teachers are pretty amazing and inspired. This past week I have really come to love the Teachings of Joseph Smith, we talked about him as a person about his feelings toward his family. There was one thing I though that was interesting about him. There was a journal entry that was found not too long ago. It was found by a friend of my institute teacher, this journal entry basically said that Joseph Smith had built a tomb for him and his family, at the time his father and his two brothers had passed away. So it was in Kirtland( I think) Anyway and so a couple people went over there and they found one. They say it was big enough to house everyone of his family. I thought that was very intersting, and I had no idea about that, I think its a more recent thing about him though. But it was great to hear all these interesting facts about him that I had no idea. The church has taken on a project called the Jospeh Smith Papers. Its a pretty big project, its about 30 volumes-500 to 700 pages each, all information about Joseph Smith. There are so many things about the gospel that we can learn from and apply to our lives.

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