Friday, January 30, 2009

Importance of Goal Setting

Last sunday we had the most wonderful Sacrament Meeting, the spirit was so strong, and the topic was how vital it is that we set goals in our lives. Sometimes at the beginning of the year we set yearly goals and we attempt for a week or just a little more but we never accomplish it most time. Why is this? What keeps us from keeping our commitments to accomplish these goals. First we have to have the full desire in our minds and hearts to want to set that goal and accomplish that goal. Second we need to say a prayer to our Heavenly Father and ask him to help us to accomplish this goal, to be able to have his support and his love in this endeavor. Our goals also need to be specific. We also need to have a plan on how we are going accomplish the goal. We also need to have reminders where we most commonly are. Such as our mirror and fridges and desks. Our goals need to be sincere, from the heart and something that can be accomplished. They need to be within reach, to be righteous goals so that we may have God's help in accomplishing our goals. God's goal for us is to find Joy in our lives, as we set to accomplish this goal he has for us we will be blessed and feel his love.

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