Thursday, February 5, 2009

Inviting the Savior into Our Lives

Inviting the Savior into Our Lives
One day when I was feeling very humble and thankful for what Jesus had done for me, I decided to invite Him into the home of my heart. He came without hesitation and filled my house with job.
I said to Him, “I hope you will stay and feel at home here,” He said “I’m sure I will. Why don’t you show me around,” the first room we went into was the Library. This was a small round room with very thick walls. It contained everything I had ever read, listened to or watched. Suddenly I felt very embarrassed over some of the trivia I had collected there. I’m sure he felt y embarrassment because he suggested that if we worked together, He could help me add more worthwhile items. He said “You know the Library is a very important room because it is sort of control room for the rest of the house,” Then He said He would like to see the dining room. I took Him into this big room filled with appetites and desires. I told Hi I had a hard time ever finding anything here that satisfied my hunger. He suggested a new diet and told me that if I follow it closely, I would never feel hungry again. I have had just a little taste of this new diet and I think He is quite right.
Next we went to the basement to see my workshop. I have a lot of tools in my workshop but I always seem so busy and everything just looks half done. Again I felt embarrassed and started making excuses about being awkward and clumsy. He said “ Would you like to be able to use the tools in your workshop better?” and I said “Oh yes, would you help me?” and He said “ I was wondering if you would ask me,” and so He stood behind me and put His great powerful hands over mind and guided them, and then He showed me how to use the tools in the workshop. I marveled at what we were able to produce together. “Will you always help me?” I asked. And He said “Yes, if you invite me to, but I never come unless I am invited,”
After the workshop we went to the Drawing Room. This is a small, quiet, peaceful place for deep thoughts and meditation. He seemed pleased with this room and was very comfortable. He said, “Lets meet together often here-at least twice a day. We can talk about your activities, plans an problem’s,” I thought that was a wonderful idea and I set the time for the appointments.
Now I was beginning to feel that his was a very one-sided relationship and so I said “Isn’t there something I can do for you; you have done so much for me?” and He said, “Yes, there is a great deal you can do for me. I was wondering if you would want to help me,” and then He told me of His endless projects and how some of them took money(none of which he had). I told Him I would be honored to serve on His projects and that He would be more than welcome to use some of my money. I could see right away that all of these projects were for the benefit of people just like me
Then I could tell something was bothering Him. He very kindly said “ There is a peculiar odor in this house and it’s coming from that locked closet. Why don’t we open it and see what the problem is?” Now this really made me made! Here I had let Him into every room in my house. I had promised to run errands for Him, let Him use my money and now he wanted to look in my secret closet. “It’s very small and the rest of the house if quite comfortable and very presentable so it shouldn’t make any difference what’s in the closet!” He said “ I cannot stay in this house if you do not give me the key to the closet.” And so He left.
I was so mad. Despair, gloom and depression came over me. Nothing seemed to go right. Because you see, once having had Him as a guest in my home, life was unbearable without Him. And so I went and tearfully pleaded with Him, “Please come back. I will give you the key to the closet. I will hold nothing from you,” He came, I have Him the key, and He opened it. Quickly and efficiently He cleaned out all that refuse I had been trying to hide, ignore or pretend did not exist. He fumigated, painted, and made the closet perfectly acceptable. I bowed my head and said “I feel so ashamed that you know what I have been hiding in my closet,” and He said “You know I have cleaned out so many closets I can never remember afterwards what was in any of them. It’s a strange thing. All I see here now is a house that is totally acceptable to me,” And then I knew why I loved him so much.
Later I got to thinking how much better everything would work out if I just signed the whole house over to Him. So I got the deed and did that very thing. He seemed pleased and did a lot of remodeling that strengthened the house and made it an all around even better place to live. He then told me that eventually He would move my house to another area but I was not to worry about a thing. He would take care of all the arrangements. I was not to even worry about the day or way it would take place. He said I would be thrilled with the new neighborhood!

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