Tuesday, November 18, 2008

How we can give our lives memories

Sometimes in our day to day living we dont realize how much memories we have. Sometimes its just saying "Hi" to a friend, or going to lunch with someone that needs a person to talk to, or a day where family is all that matters, or a time when you go through struggles and dont know how to live through that struggle but knowing that there are people that care. I have realized that making memories and recording them helps us remember our memories and keeps them alive. As I am doing, and as all of us need to be doing, is making each moment count, because we only live once. Time flies, and sometimes we dont realize how much the people around us matter to us, or how nature astounds us, or how God inspires us. I have realized that as we make sure that every memory matters, that we will become closer to those that we call 'Loved Ones'. May we all share in the joys of living and make the moments in our lives count forever and ever.

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