Saturday, December 20, 2008


I had the opportunity to go to the Neil Diamond Concert that was in Salt Lake City Last night. It was amazing. Neil Diamond is great with the audience and there are lots of young people my age that think he is what old people listen to. It isnt true, they are just close minded, there were people from little kids to teens to young adults, to middle aged and then the older ones. Most of the time we were clapping and dancing. It was such a fun concert though, and he is getting older so if he ever happens to come to Salt Lake again then I will definetly go again, because I had so much fun with my whole family there as well. He has a great personality and his band is pretty awesome. Also a few more months ago there was a hurricane that hit Houston and they went over there, and they went to this community about 10 miles south of Houston and what had been 300 homes was all flattened out, and people were living in their cars or tents. So all the money he makes from the souvenirs and things goes to building them homes. I really thought that was an awesome thing that he is doing. If I had money I would have boughten some things. But last night was amazing and all those who have been close minded about Neil Diamond needs to go to one of his concerts and I have no doubt in my mind that they will change their opinion.

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