Monday, March 9, 2009

Prayer Journal

On Friday I had one of my closest friends in the ward, Jenn Nielson, and she came over to visit me. She brought by this journal, and we visited for a while. After she had left I noticed that she had written in the first page, and she wanted to give me a special gift, its called a "Prayer Journal" and whenever I kneel down to pray, to just imagine that I am sitting next to Heavenly Father and just talk to Him about anything, and then while I am praying have the Journal close by to write down any inspirations that come to me or feeligns that I have through the prayer. That next morning I tried that and it was amazing the feelings that I felt was his powerful love for me. I started crying because the feelings were so overpowering that all I could do was cry, and I realized that He does love me so much, much more than I could ever realize. That he wants me to return to Him. I am going to endeavor to stand a little taller, serve a little better, and love with fullness of heart. I hope and Pray that the Lord will help to accomplish all that is in His and the Fathers will.

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Devin said...

Thanks for sharing that Bonnie. You're amazing and I'm grateful for your example. I'll have to get myself a prayer journal. I'm probably missing out on some much needed inspiration.