Thursday, April 9, 2009


This past weekend we had General Conference for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and it was one of the most amazing conferences that I have ever been to. I am ever so grateful for having living Prophets and Apostlesl. Some of the talks that really helped me and became some of my favorite talks were
1. Elder Jeffrey R. Hollands talk where he talked about the Atonement, and it was the most amazing talk that I had ever heard on the atonement. I was pretty much crying through the whole thing, the spirit struck every chord in my heart and through everyone that was watching it. The things that I really enjoyed that he talked about was that there was no rest for Christ. AS time got closer for him to be crucified his circle of friendships had got smaller and smaller, He knew that they wouldnt stand with them in the end. Although the Women stayed with him as much as they possibly could. He hadnt comprehended the loss of support on both sides of the veil. But he had to know what it was like to be alone-as what happens when we commit sin or transgressions. Even though He pleased the Father perfectly. But Jesus held on and pressed on even in a state of anguish. However we dont have to walk alone, we have many companions because of the Atonement and the Gospel. Lets all be committed to be disciples of Christ. Lets stand by Jesus Christ in all things, all places even unto Death.
2. Alan F. Packer talked about how we need to practice and apply the gospel principles until they become natural to us. Testimony is to know and feel, Conversion is to do and become.
* First we must have the desire
* Seond we must experiment upon the word (Alma 32:28)
* Third we must study and learn
* Fourth we must ask for a testimony of truth, to apply the doctrine in our lives.
3. Pres. Dieter F Uchtdorf talked about how the gospel is Good News. it has the answers to all of our questons. its the ultimate formula to happiness. The more we are filled with the spirit of God the more we reach out to others. We need to nourish the seed, to get root and to grow and then partake of the fruit. Discipleship is a journey. The Gospel is the Gsopel of Transformation. The Lord needs our talents and our abilities. It has the power to fill any emptiness and heal any wound. Its always he right time to walk in His way.
4. Pres Thomas S Monson told this story of this woman who lived in Prussia and was kicked out, she had four small children and her husband had been killed in the war, and through the journey slowly her four children had died. She dug their graves with her bare hands. Which was hard from the cold. But the one thing that got her through was her Faith in Christ, it had strengthened her and fortified her.
5. Elder Perry talked about how we are the shepherds to find the lost sheep and bring them back in the fold. We are to find those whom the missionaries can then teach. Great things are going to happen and it should be with great earnest. We can give them hope and courage and embrace the gospel. Its centered on the Atonement to heal and cleanse us. All mankind is invited to be rescued. All of us need to teach this message. We must testify to others, open your mouths and they shall be filled. There are 3 Ways to do that:
1. Declare our beliefs in Christ and the Atonement
2. Tell the story of the First Vision with Joseph Smith where the true nature of the Godhead is revealed on the Earth.
3. Testify of the Book of Mormon which compliments the bible. We are his sheep, the Savior is the Good Shepherd. He has the power to rescue us when we are lost.
These are just a few of the amazing conference and I am so grateful and feel so blessed for this Gospel for it has blessed my life beyond measure.

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