Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Highlights of Hawaii Trip

I was able to have the opportunity to travel to Hawaii with my family for about 10 days. It was a blast, well worth it. All my life I had dreamed of traveling there and now I have lived a dream and it sure was paradise.
Here in this picture, My sister Jill and I went for a walk on Waikiki on Sunday Morning.

In the following picture, there is Jill, I, Cali and my Aunt Laree which is out on the balcony of our hotel over looking Waikiki.

In this one we had traveled to the North Shore and went to get the best shaved ice in Oahu which is called 'Matsumotos' here is my mom and me eating some yummy shaved ice with ice cream and sweetened condensed milk.

Here is where we went snorkling, its at Hanama Bay. Which was a lovely day, Snorkling is a blast, I was even able to see a Sea Turtle.

In this one was overlooking a blowhole which is close to Hanama Bay.

In this one we were at Pearl Harbor, we went to the USS Arizona Memorial. Which was amazing to be able to see these things.

In this picture is My Dad and I in a Botanical Garden in Honolulu.

In the following is with my brother Daniel and I in front of the Pali Road Hike.

This is me in front of the japanese temple

This is the Blumels Ladies out shoppoing at Waikiki.

This is of me and my mother in front of the Laie Hawaii Temple.

I am in front of some Falls at the Polynessian Cultural Center

This is with Jill, Aunt LaRee and I on the beach our last night at our timeshare. What a beautiful evening it was though.

This is on one of the cliffs by our timeshare overlooking the ocean with my parasol

This is on a hike to Manoa Falls

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Kristina said...

I love the pictures! And the dress! I am SO jealous!!!