Friday, August 21, 2009

Eye Surgery!

About 6 Weeks ago I went in to get contacts, and my eye doctor, told me that I had a Detached Retina and so I went and saw the specialist and they did tests on my eye for about two hours and than they told me I had this Detached Retina for over a year and if they didn't do surgery soon than my vision in my right eye would be ruined for the rest of my life. So that Saturday I went in to have surgery in the out patient center, and came out of the surgery feeling pretty normal, so for the two weeks after that I took many walks, listened to books on tape and watch tons of Tv ( which is good for the eye, since it relaxes it) So when my recovery was over I saw my Doctor and he said that my retina had detached again so they went in that weekend and did another surgery, and apparently because I had the Detached Retina for so long that my retina was way thin and the problem they had to fix the second time was that my retina had all these holes and it was falling apart so they lasered it all back together and so now its all fixed,thankfully!!!! I am so grateful for this experience because it has helped me learn patience and diligence!!!!

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Kayla said...

Glad to hear that everything is alright now. Hopefully you won't have anymore trouble with that eye.