Sunday, August 30, 2009

Trust in the Lord

Obedience to the commandments of God can give us the greatest happiness. Why is it then that it is so hard sometimes to be obedient to the commandment of God? When our unified goal is to have that true inner happiness of the eternal nature. We need to take precautions to shield us from Satan's enticements. Commandments are for our eternal happiness. Why do we obey His laws? When obedience is our goal we will receive God's power. Where we are giving our obedience freely, we will also be blessed freely, and enjoy Christ love and power in our lives. God will prepare us to be able to obey. He gave us many weapons to fight against the adversary. We should never overlook the tools He gave us. Handing our lives over to Him is never easy. He has a different plan for us than we do. His expectations are different from what we have for ourselves. He also knows we can handle any situation we are dealt, He knows our abilities and our strengths and weaknesses and knows what we are able to handle. In Proverbs 3:5 it says 'Trust in the Lord with all thine heart, and lean not thy own understanding, in all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy paths' We need to trust in Him with all our hearts, with every fiber in our beings. Moses 5:6 is a great example of this. Adam didn't know why the Lord was asking him to do a certain task but he did it because of his trust and obedience in the Lord. As well as Abraham when asked to sacrifice his son Issac, to him that was the hardest task that the Lord could ever have asked of him but because he trusted in the Lord, he was obedient, thankfully Issac wasnt killed because of the interferance of an angel, but he was obedient to the Lords commands. What great examples these are. Most times in our lives we dont know why the Lord asks us certain things, but it needs to be obeyed because He commands it and as we obey Him, He will bless us. We also to counsel with the Lord often, He has given us everything, what we can give him is our love and trust and obedience. He will guide us every step of the way. We need to lose ourselves helping others and we will find ourselves. Sometimes there is someone that just needs us, a smile, a phone call, and it can be one of the best things, and we can feel an inner peace and joy within us that nothing else can give us. Let us be fully committed to the gospel, Obedience can enrich our lives. Faith and obedience is there for a purpose. Let us strive to become more like the Savior and follow Him closer and lets rely and trust in the Lord.

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