Thursday, September 10, 2009

Insights into Deuteronomy

The past few weeks I have had the opportunity to study the Book of Deuteronomy. It has been forty years since the Israelites left Egypt. Moses will soon be taken up and translated and Joshua will take over and lead them across the Jordan River to the promised land. Before he leaves, Moses will deliver three last discourses or sermons to his people. These last discourses are
1. Chapter 1-4 A summary of the most important events during the forty years in the wilderness.
2. Chapters 5-26, a review of the Law of Moses with expanded explanations and emphasis on the spiritual aspects of the law which consists of two parts:
A) Chapters 5-11, in which Moses explains and teaches about the Ten Commandments and other laws of spiritual progress.
B) Chapters 12-26, dealing with details and further development of a code of law for the Israelites, including religious, judicial and political law
3. Chapters 27-30, containing a renewal of the covenant and an explanation of the blessings that attend obedience and the cursings that accompany disobedience of God's laws and commandments.

What I learned the most from this book is of Gods love and mercy with his children whom he loves dearly. That we can learn much from what the Israelites went through and what kind of person Moses was which strengthen and fortify us in this big world that we are in. Moses was a "type" of Christ. We see many examples of this in the scruptures in the life that Moses led. I marvel at what kind of person Moses was, he had strength of character, faith in Christ and a deep love for those that he led. For he was a great leader and is a great example to us for us to follow in the pathway of Christ.

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