Saturday, September 26, 2009

Purpose of Relief Society

This evening I was so blessed to be able to watch the Relief Society Broadcast, It was such a blessing to be able to be enriched and edified and to feel the spirit, it touched the deepest part of my soul.
The first speaker was Julie B Beck said that Relief Society is a faith based work. Everything we do in Relief Society MATTERS!!!!! We work in partnership with our priesthood leaders. Ours is a work of salvation, service and of a holy people. Relief Society is organized after the pattern of the priesthood. Service in the Relief Society magnifies each sister. Visiting Teaching can strengthen our personal righteousness as we partner with the Lord. This is a blessing for us, its a faith based work, its a way of life, evidence of our discipleship. The Lord loves us enough to guide us in this work
Silvia Allred- "Why do we need Relief Society in our lives? : Its an essential part of the church, the church wouldn't be complete without it. We need to be more of a righteous mind than a selfish one. That is true Heroism. We help build up the kingdom and families in Zion. We are a much needed force of love and righteousness. we each have a significant role in God's plan. The Relief Society needs us & We need the Relief Society.
Barbara Thompson talked about how there are many gaps in our lives. The first one is The gap between believing and knowing we are a precious daughter of God. There are times when we doubt this concept. There is nothing that can seperate us from the love of God. The spirit helps us to feel His love for us. Mind the gap with this doubt and uncertainty. The second is that there is a gap between completion of Young Women and Full membership in the Relief Society. It gives our lives meaning and purpose. God needs us in the Relief Society and we have important works to be done in Zion. The third gap is between believing in Jesus Christ and being valiant in our testimony in Jesus Christ. We must have faith in Him and share our testimony with others, and keep our covenants with God. We need to have the desire to share the gospel with those we love. Let your voice be heard among all. As we mind the gap we will feel his love for us and be able to be valiant in testimony.
Finally we had the opportunity to hear from Pres. Henry B Eyering- who said that Charity is at the heart of Relief Society, is born of faith in Jesus Christ. This organization is unique. 'Charity Never Faileth' has been at the center of the organization since it started. This society has a great legacy- determined to help the Lord and build up Zion as one heart, one mind, and one purpose. The love of God dwelt in their heart, the legacy is passed from heart to heart. We must cherich and love one another. As we serve others we shall feel the Savior's Joy.

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