Saturday, October 3, 2009

Insights into General Conference Part 1

It started with President Thomas S Monson announced 5 new temples that will be built, Brigham City, Utah; Concepcion, Chile; Fortaleza, Brazil; Fort Lauderdale, Florida.; and Sapporo, Japan, but he talked about how important it is to continue to be faithful in temple service. Through our efforts the light may shine upon those in the spirit world and rejoice with us in our duties as we perform work for the dead, he also counseled that we should reach our to new converts and surround them in love and friendship. May we be filled with the spirit of the Lord.

Richard G Scott- we are led to seek inspiration for our personal decisions, he created help for us to make the right decisions. Heavenly Father wants us to learn to seek divine help. Growth will come as we learn and strive the feelings and promptings of the spirit. Spirituality yields two fruits: 1. Inspiration 2. Power in 1 Nephi 3:7 Nephi vows to go and do as the Lord commands and that He will provide a way. We must exercise our agency to allow the spirit to teach us. Strong emotions can overcome the delicate promptings of the spirit. Pornography is one of the most damaging influences on earth, severely damaging, it degrades the mind and heart. It can cause emotional and spiritual damage. Its a deadly trap of the Adversary. Those that are involved need to make a commitment to overcome it NOW! DONT GIVE UP!!!!! Have patience at perfection to listening to the Holy Spirit. We can learn to be consistently guided by the Holy Spirit for the rest of our lives.

Vicki Matsumori- When we are trying to listen to the Holy Spirit, the influence of others can assist us. When we feel the Spiri, there are many things that we may feel such as: the pure intelligence, peace, hope, warmth, joy, and love. We will feel these things when the spirit speaks to our minds and hearts as it says in the Doctrine and Covenants 8:2 which says "Yea, behold, I will tell you in your mind and in your heart, by the Holy Ghost, which shall come upon you and which shall dwell in your heart." When we bear our testimony of the gospel we can help others to feel the influence of the Spirit. The challenge is to have an environment to invite the Spirit in our homes, to have a time of quiet in our lives. We will recognize answers to our prayers and guidance for our lives.

L Whitney Clayton- We all have burdens in our lives, many of us struggle beneath these burdens in our lives.
1. Burdens of the conditions of the world by which we live, such as sickness, economical, ect.
2. Burdens of misconduct of others such as sin, oppression, abuse, gossip and unkindness.
3. Burdens of our own mistakes, shortcomings and sins- what follows is immense pain and sorrow.
We were sent to earth for our own growth and progress. If we endure it well, God will Exalt us on high. Burdens help us to put off the natural man and helps us to become humble enough to come unto Him. Burdens can become a blessing for us. Work is a continual burden as well as a blessing for us. Our challenges may prepare us to hear the word of the Lord. We should bear one another's burdens to comfort and help each other, which helps relieve our own burdens as well as the burdens of others. The Savior offers us sustaining strength and warmth, which helps us to stand as a witness of Jesus Christ. He offers us deliverance from the bondage of our sins. When we repent, forgiveness comes from what the Savior offers.

Russel Osguthorpe- Missionary works saves the spiritual lives of those that they teach. They save the lives by sharing their knowledge of the gospel. One way that they teach is through key doctrine, which they use though the manual 'Preach My Gospel' as well as drawing upon the Spirit as they teach. The aim is to have them to think, feel, and do what they are taught the gospel principles that they are taught. We are all teaching future church leaders. When a call comes, we need to accept it. We need to reach higher than we thought we could.

David A Bednar- "We need to be more diligent and concerned in our homes"
1. We need to express our love and show it do it sincerely and frequently express our love to our spouses, parents, children and other family members. We need to consistently DO more of what we know.
2. Bear our testimony and live it It needs not be lengthy or eloquent, in our homes we should bear testimony to those we love the most. We need to do more and become better. We need to bear, mean it and live it. Our testimony should be reflected in our words and deeds. We should look for these opportunities. Its the result of revelation, conveyed by the Holy Ghost.
3. Be consistent Consistency is a key principle. Hypocricy weakens the foundations of a great work.; We need to be and become more consistent. As we seek the Lord's help we can become more diligent and concerned at home in living the gospel. We will never be left alone, Our Heavenly Father and our Savior will help us in these endeavors.

Pres. Dieter F Uchtdorf-How do we become disciples of Jesus Christ? "If your love me keep my commandments" Is there a constant compass to prioritize our lives? Yes the Holy Ghost is constantly available to us. Love is the healing balm that unites families, communities and countries. Its the first that warms our lives. When we love as Christ does, our love becomes more profound and our obedience becomes a joy. We NEED to love God. What we love determines what we think and do, which determines who we are. Love defines us as individuals and as a church. The Father watches over us and brightens our darkness with light, He rejoices when we rejoice, He offers promises of a glorious existence, ALL that He has. We love Him because He first loved us. He loves us completely, perfectly, which encompasses us completely. we are important to Him because we are His children. Regardless of our current state, there is hope for us. How can we experience more love for God? When we seek Him with our hearst and keep His commandments. We need to align our thoughts and actions according to His will. Because we love Him. The first step is to try to do the things which He asks of us. Listen to His voice, in the gentle whisperings of the spirit. He will lead us on the course to experience the true love of Christ. The love God has for us is the center of the plan of happiness. Every commandment hangs on the principle of love, everything else will fall into place. Its the guiding light that fills our life with meaning and wonder. Loves is the way of the disciple. He is mindful of us and the greatest, deepest desire our our hearts, souls and minds.

Dallin H Oaks- Gods love is shown in all the blessings of His gospel plan. These are eternal principles. Nothing can seperate us from the love of God. 'For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life' (John 3:16) That is the greatest evidence of His love. Those who understand his plan, know that mercy can't rob justice. Only through obedience to His laws can we be perfect like Him. Its universal so that it bestows many gifts for His children. We can feel His love even when we are disobedient. All blessings are predicated by obedience to that law. Agency is fundamental to the gospel plan. He will bless us to endure the consequences of others' choices. Love doesn't supercede his commandments. Real love doesn't support self destructive behavior. These are part of the doctrine of Christ.

Robert D Hales- These are dangerous times when there are many whose faith and belief in God are faltering. How can we know that He lives? We have felt his spirit confirm what we know to be true. We know that God and His son Jesus Christ have physical bodies and voices, and we were created in their likeness. We know that they have feelings for us, they are immortal perfect beings. Joseph Smith prepared the way for the second coming in this last dispensation. Joseph Smith bore witness of God and his son as the same likeness of us. The way to know of the truth of God is the Holy Ghost. If we don't submit to the promptings of the Holy Ghost, we could become like Korihor who was a anti-christ-but he knew that God existed despite his efforts to convince others of the contrary. We need to learn of God and Jesus Christ. Cultivate a desire to know that He lives, that He loves us, and that there is much strength and peace that can come from knowing God, it will also give us the greatest joy we will ever have.

Jorge Zeballos- We are not alone. He is willing to forgive our sins and errors as we repent. We need to give the best of ourselves, because there are great blessings in store for us, these rewards given to those who will give their all to build the kingdom of God. The Lord doesn't expect us to do that which we are unable to do. He knows our capacities and abilities. Let us always give the best we can in everything in our lives. Let us do what is within reach, we will be fulfilling His requirements. Its possible to achieve the impossible through our Father in Heaven and our Savior Jesus Christ.

Tad R Callister- there were four things that Joseph Smith learned in the first vision. 1. God and Jesus Christ are two seperate beings 2. The Father and his son have bodies of flesh and bones 3. God still speaks to man today 4. The full gospel of Christ wasn't yet on the earth. Joseph Smith was the instrument in God's hands, through Joseph Smith the fullness of the gospel has been found. This is the only true and living church upon all of the earth.

Kent D Watson-We need to be temperate in all things. Temperance is a divine attribute of Christ, to be temperate in all things is a spiritual gift through the Holy Ghost. Its to exercise control and be moderate in all things. We should be diligent and temperate in all things. A temperate soul is a person of increased spiritual strength. We can protect ourselves from dangers of today's world. Security for our families comes from self control. When we are filled with contention we should then humble ourselves and become like child. We should govern our homes in meekness and of love. Christ divine gift of temperance is available to all.

Neil L Anderson- Come unto Him and be spiritually wrapped in His arms. His arms are mighty, filled with safety and love. We have felt his forgiveness, love and comfort. This is often an invitation to repent ( wrapped in his arms). When we sin we turn from God, when we repent we turn to God. We rejoice in the blessing of repentance. We all need to feel His arms of mercy. The Savior is able and eager to forgive our sins. Divine forgiveness is one of the greatest fruits of the gospel. Change isn't easy, its difficult and it is a journey. We need to humbly approach the Lord. there is one who understands us, for He has engraven us in the palms of His hands. Don't be discouraged. As we improve we see our life more clearly. Healing come in the time of the Lord. In this life its never too late to repent. Repentance changes us but also blesses our families.

Boyd K Packer- Every child possess the light of Christ. we are the children of God. We are part of His great plan of happiness. We must use our agency wisely. Through the atonement our mistakes are wiped clean. the spirit can prompt and protect us. You can know the things you need to know. No matter what we have done, we can all pray. When temptation comes, your mind is in control-if a inappropriate image comes in your mind use your delete key in your mind by thinking of a hymn or listening to some uplifting music. Learn to pray often, its your personal key to heaven, the lock is on our side of the veil.

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