Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Miraculous Transformation of the Creation

Lately I have been Reading 'The Hidden Christ' by James Ferrell. And there was a section of it, that really struck to the core of me, and I felt I should share it, since its a great insight.

In the beginning, before it had taken up orbit around a source of light, the earth was empty, desolate and dark. This seems a pretty good description of man's state so long as he insists on living for himself, on his own terms, refusing to hearken to the light of Christ. But the Spirit moved upon this darkness, and the earth moved into proximity with the light. Under the influence of the light, a "firmament" or atmosphere of life sustaining air was formed above and around the earth. In application to ourselves, we might consider this to be a representation of the nourishing influence of the Spirit in our lives. Under the influence of this light and within the protective canopy of this air or spirit, the earth began to come to life. Isn't this exactly what happens to us when we are nourished by the Spirit and bathed by its light? We, too, come to life, as it were, and begin to bring forth good fruit.
Interestingly it is at this point in the process,after the Lord has sown his seeds and nourished his creation by his own light and spirit, that he then guides that creation into the orbit of those that he has set up to govern-the "lights in the firmament of the heaven" the "greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night". This too, is analogous to what happens with us, as the light of Christ and the whisperings of the Spirit both enliven us and direct us to the Lord's representatives on earth. These representatives who have been called to govern in this sphere, then shed for the Lords light on the issues of our day, helping us to discern the light from the darkness. "And God set them in the firmament of the heaven to give light upon the earth, and to rule over the day and over the night, and to divide the light from the darkness"
As we obey the counsel of these governing ones and follow in the light they reveal, our early spiritual growth flowers more fully under their influence, and we, like the earth, bring forth more abundantly. In fact, under the combined influence of the light of Christ, the Spirit, and the direction of those called to govern the earth, the earth itself becomes a sustaining source of life, nourishing and strengthening everything in its presence--fish, fowls, insects, animals. As the earth grows more abundant and more beautiful, finally the life that appears on the earth begins to be in the image of God.
Isn't this how we grow as well? As we stay in the orbit, as it were, of the light of Christ, the Spirit and the Lords representatives on earth, and as we observe and follow that light, do we not bring forth more abundantly? Do we not sustain and nourish all that is around us? Do we not ultimately receive the image of God in our countenances?
At this point in the Creation story, the parallelism between man and the heavenly body known as the earth becomes one: The earth in its abundant beauty, and man and woman joined together in innocence, are able to stand in the presence of God, this being the purpose of the process of creation, the fate of all linked through time and eternity.

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