Sunday, November 1, 2009

Bridgette - A Spirits Call

You came into our lives with a smile of precious beauty, which hid your pain within.
Your heart had so much to give and was so kind, gentle and so loving.
Your spirit whispered.
Loneliness was always there, even when you were in a crowd.
Torturous thoughts were there and for you were so loud.
Your spirit called out.
So lost you seemed among those who loved you and only wanted to help,
But feeling unworthy of friends’ love, you withdrew and hid yourself.
Your spirit cried.
It all became too much with the loss of your 'only' friend, it was the final straw.
Now you've left us wondering, could we have done any more?
Your spirit is now quiet.
Heavenly Father with all your mercy and tender love take care of our loving friend,
no more pain, rest she has found and I know we’ll meet again because this is not the end.
Your spirit dear Bridgette will sing once again.

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