Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Trans Siberian Orchestra 2009

I had the opportunity to attend the Trans Siberian Orchestra Concert this afternoon, and it was so spectacular!!!!!! I just love it, its so amazing!!!!! It lasted about 3 hours, but what a great 3 hours it was, and i am kinda sad its over!!!!!

This here is my sister Jill, Me, Sister Cali, and my mom just arriving at the Energy Solutions Arena!!!!!

Me, Jill, Cali waiting for the concert to start!!! So exciting!!!!


This Man, usually dresses up like this and goes out on the streets, and collects money during the Christmas season, and all that money goes toward buying toys for children for Christmas, he then goes to a children's hospital and spends Christmas with them. What a amazing lesson for all of us, that it is truly a season of giving and serving. Here is a perfect example!!!!!! May we follow it as well and serve others this season and make a person's spirit brighter and their load lighter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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