Sunday, November 29, 2009

BYU Rivalry Game BYU 26 Utah 23

This was such an exciting game, and since its a big rivalry, it comes to no surprise how intense it turned out to be. We held them until the last quarter and then they caught up with us and it turned into overtime. They went first and scored a field goal, and then it was our turn and then Hall threw to George who was open and had no one guarding him and went for the touchdown and BYU WON!!!!!!!!! It was so awesome!!!!! One of the best plays I have ever seen and it turned out perfectly, the seniors of the team had a perfect ending for the season, one they will remember for a long time. Max Hall did say afterward that Utah didn't deserve to win, he hates utah, their team and their fans, probably due to the fact the last year some ute fans poured bear on his wife and family and some other nasty things, and he has lost all respect for Utah as has some of us cougar fans agree that we have lost some respect for Utah as well. But all in all it was a fun game and its even better when you get to spend it with family. GO COUGARS!!!!!

Me, Cali, Jill, Daniel so excited for the Game to start!!!!!!!!!!

Cali and I, Cali so silly!!!!!!

Jill and I, and Jill apparently can't put on a nice smile, silly sister of mine!!!!!!

Me, Jill, and Pappa just having a fun moment!

BYU Players coming out on to the field, with all their wives and kids to greet them!!!!!!!!! Go COUGS!!!!

Shot taken after BYU Won and all the fans gathered on the field!!!!!!!!!! BYU deserved this win!!!! They worked hard and earned it!!!!! GREAT JOB COUGARS!!!!!!!!

Dad and I after the game, just thrilled of the Win!!!!!!!!

Dad and Daniel, two most faithful BYU Fans!!!! I love you guys!!!!!!!!

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