Saturday, December 26, 2009

Celebrating Christmas with Family

I had such a great time this Christmas, it was so fun and I just loved being with my family and feeling the love that we share with one another, I am ever so grateful that we will be together forever!!!!!

This is Christmas Morning!!!! Starting to open up our presents!!!!

This is our Christmas Tree!!!!!

This is my mom, doesn't she have such a beautiful smile!!!!

More, more, more presents to open!!! We were so blessed this year!!!!

The puzzle we started working on pretty much took us all day to get done, it was 500 pieces and it was such a fun time, since it was I, my dad, and sometimes when he was patient Daniel my brother would help out some!!!!

My mom and I right before Christmas dinner!!!!!

Jill and Cali helping out with dinner!!!! So sweet, sisterly love!!!!!

Daniel and my mom for Christmas dinner!!!!!

Cali and jill eating dinner!!!!!

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