Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Daniels Birthday!

I can hardly believe that my oldest brother is 15 year old!!! Its so crazy how old he is getting and he is so tall now!!! I can't believe my eyes every time I see him, its so insane LOL So the 22nd was his birthday and it was a fun day!!! He went skiing at sundance for most of the day, but once he got home we had Training Table and watched the BYU bowl game, which the score was 44 to 20(I Think??!!!) I know we won and it was a good game, and since Daniel is a avid BYU fan it was a great birthday gift for him.

The Birthday Boy!!!!

The Birthday Cake that I made for him!!!!

Daniel and I after eating cake!!!! Thats a smile for my brother, can't get him to do a real one these day!!! Oh teen boys, what can you do haha

My Mom, Dad, Daniel watching tv!!! Such fun football is!!!

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