Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Love's Light

Well I have lately been working on my novel 'A Love's Light' and it gives me such joy to write and get into the characters and the story as if its real. Since I try to make it seem real.  But here is the first chapter that I thought I would share.
Chapter One

As Emma preceded cleaning the windows, she noticed how they were filled with filth, dust and cobwebs. Emma had always hated insects and anything related to them. She found out recently that she is allergic to dust particles; the physician, Alexander, who had been hired by Phillip and who is his esteemed friend had always sided with him.  He still had given her the medication that was suppose to improve her allergies to the dust particles. Alexander had given her shots once a week, and although Alexander would have preferred giving her pills, he said it was too dangerous.  Still the weekly shots didnt help her much and Emma still felt the effects of the allergies.
While she washed the windows, Emma thought back to the day when she had been in the happiest moments of her life.  Back with the people she loved and cared for the most, her family and closest friends.  Back when she enjoyed life to its fullest.  Then how her life had ended in a shattering moment and her world had suddenly turned around from wonderful to miserable. How she had been kidnapped along with another girl her age at eighteen.  How the both of them had been put through the worst misery possible.
All in all both of them had suffered extremely, their kidnapers had put them through such grief, misery and pain. Their freedoms had been taken away from them.  Emma had thought to herself multiple times that she and Maureen could escape.
Maureen was her greatest friend and had always been there for her. Emma in return tried to be just as great a friend. From the time that they had been kidnaped they had drawn immediately close.  Depending on one another, not knowing what would happed or what would come of them.  They also depended on the Lord.  They had both been taught since they were young, to trust in Him and He would always be there.  Never to doubt Him, but rely on Him as if your life depended upon it.  For both of them, relying on Him, their lives depended on their faith and trust in the Lord.
It had been three years since both Emma and Maureen had been taken from their homes, their freedoms non existent.  They had both regretted of taking advantage of the precious freedoms that they had before.  Like most in America, you don’t realize how important freedom is.  Only when you lose it and then regain it will you then be able to fully know the meaning of freedom.  Only for Emma and Maureen, they hadn’t experienced they hadn’t the later part, regaining that freedom.  Losing it had been a nightmare for the both of them, and it was a part of their lives now and forever as far as they could tell.  Emma knew that it was unlikely a knight in shining armor on a white horse would come charging his way and rescue them.  Those stories belonged in fiction, this life was reality.  If there ever was a way to escape it would have to be up to her and Maureen to figure out a way.
Two weeks previous, Emma had accidently come across something, that was a shock but had been a miracle.  She came across and secret passageway, that she was amazed to even have seen there.  It seemed the Lord was still with her, watching over and answering her prayers. It seemed to be the miracle that she had been hoping for.  It was her way to an escape route.
She didn’t doubt the Lord this time as she had sometimes in the past, and had come to regret it.  He had been there for her when she needed Him the most.  Since that time she had never doubted Him, and never would.
She had realized that finding this passageway was her path to finding freedom.  An escape from the dragons, the evil surrounding her.  Which in her mind included Phillip.  The one who had stolen her from her home, taken her freedom away and had made her life miserable.  She had tried not to have evil thoughts about it but it seemed near impossible. Despite the thoughts that she had for him, she knew she had to let go of those feelings and forgive him.  Emma just didn’t know if she had it in her to forgive him.  She knew that she need to forgive for all the things that he had done to her. In her heart she knew she could find happiness despite the pain and grief he had caused her.  But most of the time she just couldn’t find it in her to be happy, but a part of her was happy despite everything.
Over the past few years, many things had happened to her, including an illegitimate daughter. She knew that she had to think of her well being first and foremost. It seemed the Lord knew of her circumstances and had given her hope.  She hadn’t known the feeling of hope for the longest time.  Everything she did was for her daughter Alissa.
She never knew what fulfillment it was to have a child, but know she knew, she had known for 11 months now. Her pregnancy had been rough on her but it had all been worth it.
Maureen at the same time had a son, Jess.  Who was also a very precious child like Alissa is.  The two babies got on famously, They had both been born around the same time, so Emma and Maureen had decided to nickname them the “twins”. It seemed suitable enough considering the circumstances.
Emma and Maureen had both gone through so many similarities; yet they were so different from one another. Emma had long, straight dark brown hair that went to the middle of her back.  Maureen however, had mid length golden hair, that had curls that sparkled in the sun.  Both were attractive, had high cheekbones that made their features seem exquisite. Their sapphire eyes sparkled whenever they were joyous.  Through it all they had a friendship, a closeness, between them that could never be broken. In the past three years, they had learned seven different languages, fencing, gun shooting, and many other things that she wouldn’t think of.
It seemed like yesterday to her when she was taken and not knowing what would become of her.  Whether she would see the light of day, or even if she wanted to.  For both Emma and Maureen it had been a nightmare. On some level they had believed that they had believed that they were the way that they were treated. On another level they believed that they were higher than that, they were woth more than to be treated that way that they were.  These two depicable men who treated them as though they were as low as dirt when that was the case. The had shown their true intelligence which in Emma’s mind was close to zero or none.  They had no care for anything but themselves.
They didn’t care for those that they hurt or degraded.  Emma and Maureen could only take it and not fight.  Since they had already tried it, they only wasted their energy trying to fight them. It had proved to be fatal. So in their minds, they took themselves somewhere else, where evil didn’t abide.  Where they could only exist in a beautiful place feeling peace, love and hope. A place where they could feel their worth, and how precious they were in the eyes of the Lord.  The both had realized that the only way to cope with what was happening to them. There was no way of stopping it, but just learning to cope with it. No matter how difficult it may be they had to be strong, and prove that they were as strong as they thought they could be.
Emma was angry with herself for getting lost in her memories trying with all her might to forget them so that she could heal the wounds that had been slashed against her.  She had become distracted and noticed that hardly any work had been done at all. She had much wok to accomplish this day. She knew she couldn’t get everything done if she kept going to la la land. Phillip had gone on a business trip for two weeks, and had given Emma and Maureen a hope that they hadn’t had in years. She had been so happy and joyful at the prospect of escaping this prison of a home away from home. It was even that. She knew she had to be positive and never give up that someday she might escape this dreadful place.  She was very happy that Phillip wouldn’t be around for a couple of weeks.  He had been gone now for only a few days.  It seemed so peaceful and quiet.  It had been a while since he had gone on a trip and left both her and Maureen.
Emma had so far enjoyed the precious time of peace and took advantage of it.  She realized it wouldn’t last long. She would enjoy every minute to the fullest or at least try. She felt like she could go to the top of the castle and sing “Hallelujah” to the whole world. Though Phillip’s guards would have done some sort of action.  They too loved the peace and quiet, except when they felt like being rowdy, then it was a whole different ball game.
She then suddenly heard sounds coming from the long corridor. She faintly heard three voices talking and conversing with one another.  Then she recognized one, it was Phillips. He was home, almost a week early if you give or take a few days. This was not suppose to be happening to her. For the first time in the past year, she had felt a few days of peace and quiet without any demands from him. Now she would have to deal with much more of him and his demands.  She almost started to cry, no one could ever know what he had put her though.  Even Maureen could never really truly know.  Maureen supposed guardian was Phillip’s brother and he was a bit less demanding than Phillip. Pippin seemed to care more for Maureen than Phillip did for Emma. There was nothing romantic between them but it seemed that he was caring and respective.  Emma wished that Phillip could in any way act that way toward her. To have him make her feel like she was something special.  No man had done that except for her own father, older brother and cousins.  She didn’t have them there for her anymore. She was all alone, there was no manly figures to help, support, aide or rescue her. She never knew what was on his mind at any time.
As Emma heard their footprints draw to a close she scrubbed harder than before. Hoping that it would look like she had been working on the windows for hours. Instead of for only a few minutes.  She noticed in the corner of her eye that Phillip stood in the middle of the threesome.  On his left seemed to be the most gorgeous man I’ve ever seen Emma thought to herself. He had light golden hair, neatly trimmed. He was tall, broad shoulders, and a build that most girls would die for in a man. He had brown eyes, that at the moment she had looked at him sparkled joy and laughter.  He wore black boots, golden brown breeches, and a black belt.  Accompanied with an white button up shirt.  He seemed to have a confident walk about him. The way he seemed to her as she watched him in the corner of her eyes; he seemed to not be afraid of anything and could probably intimidate her easily.
The man on the right, seemed like the type of a man for Maureen. He had dark brown hair, pale azure eyes that seemed to sparkle.  He had brown leather boots, black breeches, and a light tan colored button up shirt. He seemed to have the same confidence his friend seemed to have.
As they drew closer, Emma felt like she wanted to disappear from the planet and remain hidden for as long as eternity. For some reason she felt intimidated by these three men. Although Phillip’s friends seemed more calm than Phillip, but they still scared her because they were friends with him. In the past all of his friends had mocked, condemned and treated her like a filthy rat.  This time however they seemed more kind.  In their eyes there seemed to be a light that she hadn’t seen in years. A light that she had apparently forgotten up till now.
Colin seemed to enjoy his cousin, Phillip’s company. Colin had thought it was strange that his father had ordered he and his brother, Marc, to stay a month or so with their two cousins.  At twenty three his parents had pressed him into courting many different women so that he could find one to marry.  It annoyed him, he just hadn’t met the right girl yet. His parents for some reason couldn’t understand it. He wanted to fall in love and have the need to get married, have children, and grow old together.  That was his big dream.  From having hone on a mission, from all that he had learned in his life, his next step was to find the right girl.  Who also had the same standards that he had.  Marc didn’t seem so annoyed at the idea of getting married, he had the same dilemma, he just hadn’t found the right girl yet.
Colin then noticed a woman scrubbing some windows in the grand corridor. Although it seemed to him that she wasn’t any regular servant washing the windows. There was something different about her.  It was the way she carried herself, she looked as if she was calm and didn’t noticed them walking toward her. For some reason she reminded him of his two younger sisters.  He felt like he should take a chance and get to know her better.  He then saw a glimpse of her face and she seemed like an attractive woman.  Although it seemed the closer they drew near to her, the more vigorous she became in her work.
Emma tensed as she sensed them drawing closer and closer toward her. She seemed to feel fear and she didn’t really know why.  Inside she guessed it was Phillip and facing him.  She despised him with every bone in her body.  She didn’t know someone could hate a person as much as did at this moment.  It was the things that he did, the way he treated her, that made her hate seem to grow.
“ Emma,” Phillip bellowed behind her. Emma turned and faced him and his guests. Emma knew that he was angry with her and was going to display that anger in just a few moments.
“ Yes, Sir” She nodded her head respectively toward him. Then raised her head slowly and met his eyes. They were an amber color, from his normal brown color. She felt so afraid for not reason at all that she could think of at the moment. I can do this, I’m strong enough, I am strong enough, he is only a man Emma thought to herself. She then looked at the two men and their bewildered looks of confusion spreading across their faces. AS if they didn’t know their friend at all, as if he seemed different. She couldn’t tell if it was a good thing or a bad thing. She only wished that she wasn’t here at all. All three men intimidated her, and she didn’t feel an ounce of courage swelling about her as it sometimes did.
“Emma, escort my guests, which are my cousins, and take them to the blue dorm...” Phillip was cut off by loud footsteps and a child’s wail that grew louder and louder that it came closer toward them. All of them turned to see Maureen coming up behind Phillip, worry sketched all over her face. She then noticed Emma and skidded to a halt. She nodded quickly to the three men as if they were of no importance. Then she turned worriedly to Emma.
“ Emma,” Maureen exclaimed as if she were out of breath which in this case was entirely true. She handed over Alissa into her arms with Emma as bewildered as the rest of them .
“Maureen, what’s wrong?” Worry sketched all over Emma’s Face.
“Yes, Maureen, what is the meaning of this?” Phillip demanded sternly, not at all pleased with what was going on here. His face told her that he wanted an explanation immediately. Emma noticed how bewildered Maureen was to see Phillip in front of her and didn’t expect him to return for at least another week.
“Its Alyssa, Sir”
“What about Alyssa?”
“Well, she has been wailing for ever the past few hours, there was nothing that I could do to quiet her. I think that Emma might need to feed her,”
“You couldn’t do that?”
“Nursing, Sir,” Both Maureen and Emma’s faces started turning cherry red in embarrassment.
“ I see, well why couldn’t you have waited a few moments longer,” Phillip asked impatiently
“She is your child you know, you could also put that into consideration,” like always Emma made an outburst. Emma was furious denying the fact that Alyssa was his daughter and act as if he didn’t care. All three men turned toward her, the one to the left had a smile on his face, but the other two’s expressions were unreadable.
Emma was furious with Phillip, she couldn’t believe what he had done. She supposed that he had done it because he didn’t want to look like an embarrassment to his cousins. She though that sh should’ve gotten used to this, him rejecting his daughter. He was the one who had gotten her pregnant against her will. Not that she wasn’t happy with having a daughter. She had dreamed of better circumstances in which her daughter would grown and develop. With two parents, with a normal family.
“That she is, but she is not my responsibility and you very well know it , you are her mother and you shall take care of her and leave me out of it. I don’t care for her anymore and should take care where you tread, Emma,”
“ She is my daughter and yours, I would think you would treat her as such,” Emma sputtered angrily. She coudn’t believe the nerve of this man. How could he do this to her? She had hoped to leave here, where she and Alyssa would be safe from him and any others that might them harm. She would protect her daughter at all costs. No matter what happened she would defend her and die for her if necessary.
There was a long breath of silence, like a dragon taking a deep breath before the plunge to kill his enemy. Emma and Maureen both feared what would happen next. Every time Emma reacted so swiftly and angry it came with a punishment. Even though she didn’t like it she had to admit it felt good to stand up for herself again. She couldn’t bear not to. In reality she was standing up for her daughter, she loved her daughter, and would do anything for her. Phillip drew back his hand and slapped Emma very hard and swiftly. It was not unexpected to Emma or Maureen. Emma just had forgotten the impact that his hand could do to her. She stumbled back a few steps and would’ve fallen if Maureen hadn’t caught her and held her upright. There were many gasps, but those included were shocks of surprise from the two cousins or friends of Phillip. As if they never knew or guessed that he could even do such a thing. They both at the moment looked outraged. The one of the left especially looked downright angry, but not with her as she might have fear, but with his cousin.
Colin couldn’t believe Phillip had done such a thing. How could his cousin possibly think of hitting a defenseless woman, let alone do it. He was so outraged. He felt like he should carry Emma and her child out of this place forever. He didn’t know the circumstances in which her daughter was born but he wouldn’t dare judge. Apparently his cousin could do far worse than physical slaps.
“Cousin, that was uncalled for,” Colin exclaimed angrily
“No it isnt, she belongs to me, and Maureen as well since for the moment I am her guardian. I must take care of them and this is the way I must do it. Even when a servant shows disrespect I must be firm with them as I am with Emma,” He turned toward the girls.
“You two will show them to their rooms, and help them get settled in, their luggage is already there, assist them in whatever is needed. Then once you are done, come and assist in dinner preparation,” He then turned on his heel and strode away toward his main office.
“Are you alright?” Maureen asked behind her ear, concerned for her friends welfare. Not knowing what to do with the two strange men in front of them. Emma gave a reassuring smile.
“ Don’t worry about me all right, I will be fine I just need to catch my breath is all,” Emma replied, trying to appear normal, when inside she felt like she was shaking and couldn’t stop it. She just didn’t know what to do about it.
“Come along and we’ll show you the rooms that are set up for you,” Emma replied, trying to appear normal, where inside she felt like she was shaking and couldn’t stop it. She just didn’t know what to do about it. There seemed to be something amiss here. She hoped that she would be able to find it in time. As she started walking forward she placed her free hand to the side of her cheek, which stung from Phillip’s slap. At the same time trying to hold the squirming alyssa, who was disturbed by the action that had previously taken place. She sensed the strange man, who had spoken up for her, walking beside her. While the other man walked next to Maureen.
“Are you sure you’re all right?” He asked, sounding concerned for her. She didn’t know if he was genuine or if he was an fraud putting up an act. She only nodded slightly toward him.
“What is the child’s name?” Colin asked, not seeming to remember what Emma had called her.
“Alyssa, her name is Alyssa,” Colin was brought back to reality by Emma’s voice. He turned and looked into her eyes.
“Excuse me what did you say?”
“I said my daughter’s name is Alyssa, weren’t you listening to me?”
“ Sorry, I just lost my train of thought,” Colin stammered a bit not knowing how to explain his thoughts to her.
“ Oh well, I am sure that happens to all of us, so should we continue,?”
“Of course, lead on,” gesturing forward with a wave of his hand. As they approached the blue dormitories, which were the most well furnished and well kept throughout the castle. She realized that he was for a certain reason at this moment in time. She felt like there was something amiss. She didn’t know what that was but she would figure it out.
Colin didn’t know what was happening here but he would figure it out, somehow he would. When he did, then he would take Emma and her daughter Alyssa, a long way from this place. Where there would be no worries, no concerns.. He only hoped that she would except his help and let him come into her life.
Maureen and Marc entered into one of the adjoining rooms, which were nicknamed the “Blue Dorms”. It was furnished with blue murals on the walls, painting of cove sunsets, the grand canyon and the Alps. There was also white curtain that lined up against the windows, that were held up by golden ropes. There was white cushioned benches lined up against the windows, where there were cushions lined up on either side. The floor seemed to be carpeted that seemed to sink in your feet. The bed was lined up against the north wall, which was right in front of you as you walked in. The large canopy bed, had a beautiful design of white and blue floral design. Many variety of pillows lined up around the head of it. It appeared that once you would lay into it, you would sink into it. There were a few chairs, with cushions lined up in various places in the room. The fireplace seemed to be white marble, with a blue tinted marble mantle, with roses placed up on top of it, with various colors. It scented of cinnamon, which reminded Marc of home. He had already missed it and he didn’t know what to do about it.  He suspected that he would be staying here for a month or so. The only thing he would think he missed here would be Maureen. She seemed like an intriguing woman, he felt like he should het to know her better, so that he could assist he and her friend out. He just didn’t know how to go about it.
“This is magnificent,” Marc exclaimed as though he were out of breath. He looked as though he were out of breath. He looked around him and he couldn’t explain but it was so incredible. His younger sisters would think this was heaven. His mother, if she was here, would never leave. Of course the colors were more masculine however he knew she would be jealous of it though. He had to be thankful though that his mother hadn’t come along with him and Colin. It would have been a disaster, since this was obviously a suite for men. So if this suite was designed for women it would have been much more beautiful.
“Would you like me to unpack your belongings for you?” Maureen asked, since that was one of the duties that Phillip had assigned to her.
“Why would you ask that?” He said, staring at her more intently than ever.
“Well, it seems that you things haven’t been unpacked yet and while your getting acquainted with your room, and I need to stay busy,” She paused for a moment to pick up one of his luggage bags “By the way which was one of Phillip’s instructions for me to do. Before I go and assist in the dinner preparations. So I guess I better get started since dinner wont be starting for a couple of hours yet, so where do you want these?” She asked holding up a pile of shirts that had been stuffed in his suitcase. Obviously he had done that which was her guess. She realized she had been folding them up while talking, which was more like running on and on. Like she usually did, when she became nervous, nervous enough that she could have an emotional breakdown.
“Maureen, I don’t want you to unpack my things,” he cut off when he saw her placing his things neatly in the cherry oak dresser for him. He couldn’t think straight, he wanted to talk to her, not be ignored. But he wanted her to be willing to talk to him. So he would have to make her willing enough to listen to him, and answer all of his questions clearly.
“Oh well, this is one of my duties,”
“What is?”
“Helping the guests of Phillip to get settled, I do this all the time. Although it is unusual, Phillip will usually set up a valet for you. Which he should be here tomorrow morning for you. So I guess you’re stuck with me for the rest of the day,” As she continued unpacking his things, he started smiling. This girl was outrageous. He could totally notice when a girl was nervous, and this girl must have an epidemic or something. She was running crazy with nervousness. He just didn’t know what to do with her. Women seemed to be such a mystery to him, and this woman was definitely a mystery to him.
“No, I am able to unpack my own belongings, although I am curious about something and I would like for you to do something for me though,”
“Oh and what would that be?” She asked him turning around to face him.
“I’d like for you to go sit on one fo the benches next to the windows, pick any one you want, you might want to get comfortable though. We might be here for awhile,” He ended with a smile. Then just stood there with his arms crossed across his muscled chest.
She turned around and moved to sit on one of the window seat benches, and sat down carefully. She felt her heart pounding and her breathing sharpening, not knowing what to expect from this man. For he wasn’t like the others, something was different about him and she couldn’t pinpoint it. He then walked over and sat down next to her, relaxing carefully against the window and the pillows behind him.
“I wish that somehow that we had met under different circumstances, but we didn’t. I also know that we hardly know each other, but I need some answers to some questions that I have. What I want is the truth, I know that no matter what happens from her on out; you need to know that I will be here for you and feel free to tell me anything. I suspect that there is something amiss here and I would like to know what that is,” he waited a long moment he didn’t know how she would react. All he felt was that he needed some answers and she was the only one that could give them. He knew that in his heart she would reach to him he could see it in her eyes. The pain, grief and misery was there. He knew that in some way that he could reach to her.
“What exactly would you like to know?” Maureen asked, looking into his eyes intently for the first time. She didn’t feel anxious or nervous around him anymore. She seemed to feel calm, cook, and collective. She knew that she could face anything now, even the truth.
“I’d like to know what happened earlier, I mean what I saw happen, but there must be something that I don’t know that I might need to know don’t you think?”
“That is a good question actually and I. Uh..well..it might take some time to explain this to you. Its been so long since I have actually had anyone show concern for me other than Emma, and you of course,” Marc smiled, then nodded toward her, indicating that she could continue, and explain everything.
What am I going to do, I hardly know the guy, except that I just met him. I just need to think clearly is all. Yeah right!
“Before I explain exactly what’s going on here, may I ask you a question first?”
“Of course,” He answered in a calm manner
“Well, is there a reason why you should like to know an answer to all of your questions. I mean, not every guy that come here as a guest of Phillip questions his actions. Its not shall we say, normal. What I really mean is why the concern?”
“Well, when you put it that way I guess that’s a good enough question,” he paused and directed a smile toward her. “No, I think its kinda strange that he never even mentioned you, and yet it seems like you are a part of each others’ lives. I also would like to think that he would treat you better. The way he acted before just didn’t seem like him, its as if I didn’t really know him at all,”
Maureen was silent for a long moment before she turned toward the window, and sighed. She then turned back to Marc , and was willing to explain everything to him. This was a good enough time as any.
“Well, it’s a very long story if you want to hear it?”
“Of course I would,” Marc said softly
“Well then I guess I will get started then,” she took a deep breath, she could do this she told herself. She didn’t know where she would get the strength but she would somehow. She said a small prayer in her heart. Suddenly she felt a boost of confidence rise within her. She knew where it came from and she never would forget it.
“Well, it all started,” Maureen began “when I had turned eighteen, I lived in the states, in Utah specifically. I had everything going for me, especially in high school. I had a whole crowd of friends, although I never really dated much. I planned on attending BYU with a psychologist degree. I had plans to also go on a mission as well for my church. I had always tried to do the right thing. Anyway, one night I was home alone watching a movie, I heard the back door open and I thought it was my younger brother coming back from his friends house,” Maureen felt tears begin to form as she though about her family and how she missed them. She turned toward the window and let the tears run down her cheeks “ Well, it seems I was wrong, three men in black suits and masks took me away and to auction, which is how I ended up here. Thankfully I wasn’t alone in this nightmare, I had company. Emma, was in the same situation as I was. So we became fast friends. Although she had it way worse than I ever did. Phillip has been so cruel to her over the years. Pepin had never treated so bad, I will admit it was pretty terrible over the past few years but it was never as bad as Emma’s situation had been. They both really worked us really hard and then about a year ago we both found out we were pregnant at the same time. Its hasn’t been easy but with Emma here and she always seemed to be so strong and capable. I also am grateful to have Michael in my life. He has brought such joy into my life,” Maureen paused for a moment, to catch her breath. She felt like even though she explained most of it she needed to explain a bit more of it to him. He seemed to care for her even though she hadn’t known him for a day even. Apparently he must have been raised different than Phillip or Pepin. He was different in the way he treated her, which was something she hadn’t seen in a long time. She looked at him and noticed he was still gazing out the window.
The sun was starting to set and in a few hours it would be time for supper. She didn’t know what would happen around that time. She didn’t know what Marc’s reaction would be or if he would even believe her. What was her word against family? She also wondered whether or not Emma would tell Colin. It was very doubtful considering how stubborn she could be at times. Emma had certainly suffered a lot more than she had. She realized that Emma always seemed to be in control of every situation and it was as if she was guarding her heart so she couldn’t feel the pain. She had a feeling that Colin would help her see the light and help her feel again.
“ There is only one problem, my son will never have a father. This was no way I had ever imagined motherhood. When I was younger I thought that I would fall in love, get married and have a family and grow old with my husband. That dream will never come true at\least not for me or Emma. Since Pepin left about a month ago to visit friends, Phillip has been my guardian for a time. I could hardly stand it, he is much crueler than I had ever imagined. I still don’t know how Emma lived with him for three years, and to have been so strong and firm. I also know that she is just trying to be strong for me, always been that way since I have known her. Almost a year ago we tried to escape, but the day we were about to escape we found out we were pregnant and that certainly had changed our plans. We knew that we could never put our children in danger. So we had to stay here, in order to keep them safe. We hope that maybe we can send them away from here, so that they can have a normal life. To know what it was like to belong to a family. I figure thats why Phillip wants to choose our spouses for us. It hardly seems fair ,but that’s the way it has always been with him. He is a dictator and makes our decisions for us. Decided what we can and cannot do. All our freedoms were taken away,” Maureen stopped and realized that she had said enough. She turned to look at him and noticed that he had turned from the window. She could tell he was having a hard time adjusting to the truth about his cousins.
When Maureen didn’t know what else to say, she started to rise from the bench seat. She knew she needed to help in the preparations for supper. She felt a warm hand grasp her arm. She looked into his eyes, and she saw a pleading look in his eyes that made her sit down again.
Marc felt his heart tearing at this news. He never thought that his cousin could do such horrible things to these two women. Who had been completely innocent and had done nothing to deserve this. If his mother were here he would ask for her advise. But he knew he had to make a decision. All he could think of now was what Maureen had been put through.
Maureen was muddling through her thoughts when she was suddenly pulled into his embrace. His arms encircling around her, making her feel safe and secure. She hadn’t felt such comfort for the longest time. She didn’t know what to do especially since it had been years since she had felt this way. It was a wonderful feel and she was going to take advantage of it. All she wanted to do was think about this moment and how right it felt.

“Look,” Mark Started, pulling away from her, holding both her hands in his “ I didn’t even know that my cousins could possible be capable of something as cruel as what has happened to you. I can promise you though, it shall never happen again,” Maureen was unsure if she could even believe him. She knew that good things just never last, no matter how much hope you have. She knew that Phillip was stronger than Marc is.
“How can you be so sure, after all you will probably be here only a couple of weeks and then how will you be able to stop him.  There might be a day when I won’t have to worry about what he will do to us. A day when I will be able to get out of here, and to be able to put my son through school, but that day is not today. I don’t have any idea when that day will come, if it ever does,” Maureen felt tears come to her eyes, feeling her emotions getting the best of her, she looked into his eyes “ I know that it must have been a while since you have last seen your cousins, I don’t know how they were when you knew them. They aren’t   the same as they were back then. You have to understand something, that  this situation can’t be easy for you but you need to accept it.  Emma and I are used to their treatment of us, just as you will have to.”  Maureen couldn’t think of anything else to say to him, he was acting so protective of her. It felt so right to her, but knew that it could never last. Nothing this good and right lasted very long. She would just have to savor the moment and would cherish it for the rest of her life.
“Listen to me,” Marc started firmly “ I’m going to stay here as long as I possibly can, I will not leave without you,” Maureen couldn’t believe her ears. He must have no sense to think he can go against Phillip and Pepin and get away with it  she thought to herself. She started to say something and shaking her head.
“You don…” She started saying, but he pressed his lips against hers firmly but tenderly.
“Listen to me, and listen good,” Marc said “ If I have to hogtie you and carry you out of here then by all that I hold dear I will. You deserve so much more than what my cousins have given you. Your son deserves better, you need to start thinking about your future and acting on it. You have me now and there is nothing that will stop me from giving it to you if it’s in my power.” Marc finished firmly and knowing that she would start objecting he silenced her lips with a kiss when a bell chime rang thrice.
“Oh no,” Maureen gasped, breaking herself from the kiss. She pulled herself from Marc’s arms.
“What’s wrong?” Sounding concerned
“It’s time for me to leave to prepare supper for tonight, I must leave. I am sorry,” Maureen was so forlorn, but Marc only smiled in understanding.
“Then go and I will see you later,”
“Yes later,” She quickly replied before fleeing through the door, pulling it closed behind her and down the stairs toward the kitchens.

The room was large and spacious, with leaded glass windows, that has a perfect view of the lake below them. It was blue with many different painting, and a painted mural on one of the four bedroom walls. It was a painting of a sunset that was breathtaking. There was white silk curtains hanging from a rod right up in front of the window. There was blue ropes that pulled back the curtains so a guest could see the view. There was a large tall golden framed mirror. The canopy bed was large and was toward the back of the room. It has some light on the light blue silken drapes hanging above it, so that when you lay asleep at night if afforded you privacy. It also was accompanied with pillows which were assumed to be used for decoration.
Colin didn’t know what to think of it, the room was so incredible. He didn’t realize that his cousins had this much money. To think that he was going to spend the next month in this place was amazing to him. Most of all he couldn’t wait to spend more time with Emma and her adorable baby girl. She was an amazing woman, even though she didn’t realize it. He could only imagine what she must of suffered under Philips hand.
He noticed that Emma was having a difficult time attempting to calm down Alissa. She must have been the cutest baby he had ever seen. With dark brown curly hair and the largest brown eyes. Emma sure did good with this one  Colin thought to himself. After a few moments, Emma had managed to calm Alissa down. He didn’t know what was going on between Phillip and Emma, but Colin was determined to find out. Phillip was way different than what he remembered. Phillip had been the most popular boy in school, all the girls wanted to be around him. He was one of the most social guys in school. Who made friends with everyone, and with whom everyone wanted to be his friend. He never realized that Phillip had a dark side. He wondered when that had happened. As far as he knew that must have happened in college. Some influences in college aren’t always the greatest, and somehow had been influenced greatly by them. Colin didn’t know how to react to Phillip’s behavior.
“Where do you want your things?” he was brought out of his thoughts, he seemed dazed. He had lost track of the time and thinking too hard. He had mixed emotions about everything it seemed.
“Sir,” He looked up to see Emma irritated that he was ignoring her.
“Yes Emma,” He paused for a moment then continue “ What is the matter?” Seeming concerned, Emma knew that it was an act though. It ran in the family apparently.
“ Oh, nothing, I just need to know where you wanted me to put your things?” Colin seemed lost for a moment, then realized what she was talking about.
“Emma you are not my servant, and you know it,” Colin directed at her, he didn’t know what Phillip’s influence had done to her but she shouldn’t be reacting to him in this way.
“I want to know what is really going on?”  Colin asked her, as he walked toward her and put his hands gently on her shoulder.
“There isn’t anything going on, I work here that’s all that there is to it,” Emma didn’t like where the direction of this conversation was heading to.
“Isn’t there more to this story than your letting on?”
“No, of course not,” she drew back away from his hands
“There must be another reason for why you are here?” he said as he drew closer to her, she began backing up toward the wall right next to the bed.
“He pays real well with good benefits,”
“Oh is that how you view this situation, let me tell you what I really think. I think that he sucks for a boss, a boss who treats his employees like dirt. You could always quit if you wanted to,”
“Well I enjoy it here and I have friends here and…” suddenly she heard a bell chime.
“Saved by the bell, I see,” Colin replied grimly, knowing this was a sign that she was leaving. He turned to see that he was right.
“Yes, like always, I’ll see you downstairs in the main hall for supper,” she said as she picked Alissa up from the bed and fled the room. She shut the door as loudly as possible without anyone expecting something was wrong. Hmm…that should teach him to mind his manners  she thought.

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